Today, I ran across an interesting site: .  The concept is very simple–this website is organizing as many blogs as possible to join together on October 15, 2007 to talk about the environment.  The orginators of this idea believe that a mass, one day conversation about the environment from the myriad perspectives in the blogging world will raise consciousness about the environmental issues and challenges that face our planet.

As of today, suggests that a quarter of a million people are currently represented by the 500+ blogs that are registered. is now a registered participant, and I am already brainstorming ideas for the specific post that I will make on October 15th.  I would encourage others to do the same by clicking here .  (I will also be linking to it in the bottom section of this site).  Even you feel that environmental activism is bunk, register and blog about that.  The point of is not to promote a specific hegemony of environmental thinking, but more generally to get people talking and thinking about the environment.