As if having a blog devoted to nothing more than my own personal aggrandizement isn't enough, please allow for but a bit more gratuitous self-promotion. As many of my readers know, my "day job" is web-design.  From initial concept creation, to html programming, to database architecture and application development, this is what I do.  While I am certainly not the best, I do strive to make things work well and look good. 

This site is a product of my most recent efforts.  In designing and developing it, I operated with simplicity in mind.  While there were a lot of other bells and whistles that I would have liked to add, their inclusion seemed to unnecessarily bulk up the site.  Also, I attempted to make the site as bright and inviting as possible.  While I liked the color scheme of the old template, it did get quite dreary after a while, and I for one welcome the change.

Well, finally my hard work has paid off in part.  Over this last week, I was privileged to be featured on no less than 3 web design showcases.  While they all have varying criteria for their entries, the majority of these sites base inclusion on aesthetics, conformance to web 2.0-ish-ness (standards, shinyness, etc.), and overall modern feel. 

Anyway, made it to the following design showcase sites:

/end gratuitous self-promotion.