Yesterday, I ruminated about a new-found respect and value to which I have comitted myself in regards to creation. I suggested that as the creation is itself the object of the redemption, restoration and recreation to be realized in the divine rule of God in the eschaton, so we should highly value the creation, rather than abusing and destroying it simply to sate our consumeristic desires and contrived "needs."
As part of this reflection, I noted that I have committed myself to avoid deliberately harming spiders, a creature of which I am particularly afraid (and mildly disgusted…I mean, do they really need that many legs?).

However, my suspicions about the ultimately capricious orientation of the universe were confirmed this morning. I woke up from troubled slumber, a terrible migraine dulling my senses. As I showered, I noticed that my right arm was a little sore. As I more closely inspected the troublesome area, I recognized the tell-tale signs of my nemesis.

Yes, a spider bite.

Delicious irony.