Yes, the planets are once again aligned and I am gracing the unwashed masses with another concert
The theme of this one is "The Geometry of Eternity," a concept based upon a song of the same name. In this song, I connect C.S. Lewis' imagery of eternity (The Great Divorce) with some further reflections of my own. I suggest in this song that the "geometry" of eternity has little to do with the location of saint and sinner in terms of proximity to heaven or hell as materialistically conceived realities, but is rather realized in the relatedness of the individual to God and the attendant consequences of the same. Here is a snippet:

"Imagine a time, with no time / And separation without a space in between / To stand right next to life, and yet still die / To be sustained, but never fulfilled"

The rest of the songs amount to a sort of theological escapade wherein I walk through some of the more difficult and/or interesting theological issues of Christian belief, including but not limited to the nature of faith, eschatological frustration, atonement theology, human sinfulness, epistemological shifts in Christian thinking, etc.

See you there. Or else.